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Sales/Lead Funnel

Sales/Lead Funnel

Building a relationship with your client starts as soon as your lead shows interest. How you respond with your messaging and the timing is an important piece of this relationship.

We have call and email scripts that have been tested and proven to get your leads on your calendar, as well gain trust with resources and great communication.

The 12-Step Process

Emails and Call Scripts

Cold Interest Contact

When a lead has shown interest in Estate Planning by either calling, emailing, or completing a data form, email communication has been shown to get an appointment scheduled when complimentary resources are included.

Hot Interest Contact​

When a lead has shown interest in Estate Planning by scheduling an appointment directly onto your calendar from email marketing, confirmation and resources help the lead prepare for the meeting, as well as become accountable for their planning.

Meeting Materials​

You’re ready to hold your introduction meeting, and we’ve created a checklist that will help your lead see the need for DIY Estate Planning with your assistance. Click below to prepare for this meeting and develop your raving fan.

The "Third" Appointment

Once your client has their documents printed and notarized, you’ll begin the funding process. In this training video, we’ll walk through adding assets into the trust and going through the funding kit.