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Meeting Materials

You’re ready to hold your introduction meeting, and we’ve created a checklist that will help your lead see the need for DIY Estate Planning with your assistance. Click below to prepare for this meeting and develop your raving fan.

Introduction Call

*Prior to call (preferably as soon as they book) send an email with the handbook, trial link, zoom link, and confirmation of booking date and time.

1. Introduce yourself and ask if they were able to review the handbook, or if they checked out the trial link.
2. Were there any questions after reviewing these? What piqued their interest?
3. Ask when the last time was they updated their beneficiaries.
4. Let them know the benefits of our software:
      – no attorney fees, but vetted by attorneys
      – no risk of your data being sold like with a DIY form online with our military grade software
      – professional assistance in filling gaps and questions, as well as a tangible completed binder once complete
5. Ask the client questions to see if this is a fit for them: age, kids and their ages, properties, bank holdings, retirement accounts, life insurance, etc).
6. Walk through Client Demo together and show the features (easy to use tabs; help bubbles that have videos, definitions, and examples to explain each area).
7. Ask if there are any questions they would like to address after hearing this intro, and book next appt for the following week.
8. Let them know that they will be receiving an email with confirmation of the next appt date and time and to review material that will be included:
3 pdfs – 5 Key Decisions, Questionnaire, and Schedule “A”
2 videos – Who’s in Charge of Your Plan and The Best Choice for Estate Planning
9. Send f/u email

Post Intro-Call Email

{{Name}} Here is the Information From Our call

Hi {{Name}},

I’m glad you reached out for assistance in creating and establishing your estate planning documents along with your retirement planning.

It was nice chatting with you, and as I mentioned in our call, it would be helpful for you watch the following two videos: (3 minute video) (4 minute video)

Please find attached, the 5 documents I briefly shared in Zoom, as well as access to the 30-day free trial HERE.

I look forward to working with you to help you with this important planning.

All the best!



For clients that are interested in data entry assistance, use the buttons below to download materials.

Post Intro-Call Email #2

*Send 10 days out if not scheduled for a follow-up
Estate Planning / Will & Trust Follow-Up

Hi {{Name}},

I hope you’ve been well since we last spoke on the {{Date}}.

After our call, I had sent over some materials to review, along with the link for our 30-day FREE trial.
If you didn’t receive that email, please let me know so I can re-send it.

Don’t forget that I’m here to help you with any questions on the process and as well as complete the final steps.

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