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Client Relationship Manager (CRM) and Tools

Client Relationship Manager (CRM) and Tools

In the realm of estate planning, mastering tools like Smartsheet, Redtail, and Asset-Map is crucial for efficiency.

Smartsheet facilitates speed in response and project management, while Redtail streamlines client management and policy tracking. Asset-Map provides a visual overview of a client’s financial landscape.

Training in these platforms not only enhances technical skills but also empowers professionals to deliver personalized and effective solutions to estate planning leads, ensuring streamlined processes and elevated service quality.

Using Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a great tool for a quick overview of your webinar marketing. 

Leads that register for your event, as well as complete the survey included with the webinar, will be noted here.

In this short video, we’ll walk you through a sample sheet with the first point-of-interest data provided.

Redtail for Client Relationship Management

Redtail is a wonderful CRM tool that can help you track your way to the “raving fan” status mentioned before in the Sales/Lead Funnel Training.

This video will show you some of the basic features to stay organized and give your prospects an attentive and personalized experience.​

Training Video Coming Soon...

Asset Map: Your Roadmap for Financial Planning Success

Asset Map is your essential roadmap for financial planning success.

For a quick overview of its benefits, check out the accompanying video, illustrating how this powerful tool can revolutionize your approach to financial planning.

Navigate the complexities of wealth management with confidence and set yourself on the path to prosperity.