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Marketing in Estate Planning


Jump into the art of identifying target clients, honing your ability to pinpoint and engage with your ideal audience. Learn how our webinar marketing will amplify your reach and captivate clients, ensuring your marketing efforts resonate and drive meaningful results. Unlock the full potential of AEM marketing and transform your approach to client engagement.

Identifying Target Clients

Choosing to target everyone with your service may not be the most effective strategy, as it can dilute your marketing efforts and make it challenging to connect with a specific audience.

Mass marketing, while broad, might not yield the desired results and could end up costing more than it brings in.

A more constructive approach involves utilizing the “PVP index” (Personal Fulfillment/Value to the Marketplace/Profitability) to carefully select your ideal target market.

By completing the form below and considering these three key factors, you can identify a niche where your business can thrive and position itself as a significant player in a specialized market.

Making the cost of your services or products less relevant is achievable by highlighting the unique value you provide, making your offerings more appealing to your ideal customers. Instead of promoting an extensive list of products and services, concentrate on addressing the specific needs of your target market. By getting into the mindset of your prospect and understanding their desires, you can tailor your approach to create an ideal prospect profile that aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

Webinar Marketing

Watch a sample of the Estate Planning Made Easy webinar to see how thorough yet simple our presentation can be. 

To schedule your webinar, click HERE.

From reaching your list of contacts, to getting those interested on the calendar, we’ll do it all.