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Introduction to Estate Planning

Introduction to Estate Planning with Legacy Lock

Welcome, to Estate Planning with Top Rank Advisors. In this introduction, we’ll explore the difference between the government’s plan and your client’s own plan, share tips on turning a prospect into a client, and help you navigate this process with with your clients with confidence.

Understanding Estate Planning for Your Business

In this introduction video, you’ll learn the ins and outs of marketing and sales processes tailored specifically to financial advisors, master effective lead nurturing techniques, and understand the significance of beneficiary designations in financial planning. 
This training empowers advisors with vital skills, guiding you through utilizing Legacy Lock and executing effective estate planning and marketing approaches.

The Government's Plan vs. Your Own

It’s crucial to inform your potential clients about the risks of not having their own estate plan. Without one, the government will plan it for them, which may not align with their wishes. By having an estate plan, clients can ensure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes and their loved ones are taken care of.

Converting a Prospect to Client

Learn how to conduct a successful introductory meeting with potential clients or prospects. In this video, we cover essential steps for engaging prospects, discussing estate planning, and explaining the value of Legacy Lock’s services. Our team shares insights on asking questions, distinguishing between wills and trusts, and showcasing Legacy Lock’s comprehensive approach. Discover how to guide clients through Legacy Lock’s four-step process, highlighting the benefits of protecting and optimizing their assets.

Legacy Planning Process

We’ve put together a simple 4-step checklist to navigate through the process.

Click below to download a version to share with your clients.