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Jeremiah from Advisors Excel at Spring '24 Bootcamp

Jeremiah shares his experiences and insights on retirement planning and tax strategies.  In this training, he emphasized the importance of understanding risk tolerance, conducting a risk assessment, and having a comprehensive plan that considers income planning, risk planning, and tax strategies to ensure a successful retirement. Also covered are various investment tools and strategies, with the importance of personalization in financial planning. 

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Ryan Polimeni at Spring '24 Bootcamp

Ryan speaks on personalized financial planning and advisory services, with a focus on understanding clients’ financial situations and tailoring strategies to their unique needs. Also emphasized is the importance of tax planning, retirement planning, and income annuities, as well as gathering financial information efficiently. Additionally, he discusses the benefits of using whole life policies to generate cash value and addressing common concerns such as life insurance and long-term care planning. 

Estate Planning Webinars

Watch a sample of the Estate Planning Made Easy webinar to see how thorough yet simple our presentation can be. 

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